From our expert engineering we can accommodate every
aspect of our customers’ inquiry. With our affiliate
company located on Jabodetabek and Bandung –
industry area, we can add coating system and electromechanical assembly to our list of capabilities.

Project Management

We take your idea or challenge and turn it into a workable plan, with devoted leadership to see it through. We collaborate with your teams to create cross-functional cooperation, manage stakeholder relationships, and implement the processes and technologies necessary to reach your organization’s full potential.


If you want a building that has cost saving, fast erection, perfect quality control, high durability, PT Habdu Bintang Cemerlang (PT HABIC) are the best choice

Services for various energy and infrastructure project

We are develop, design, build, and arrange financing for projects that save energy, reduce energy costs, and decrease operations and maintenance costs at their customers’ facilities.

Products 1 General Supplier for Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation equipment

Gas, Steam, and Water Turbine
Gasket & Material Composite
Gas & Diesel Engine Generator
Control & Instrumentation
Pump & Compressor
Catalytic Converter
Electrical Component

Products 2 Engineering & Fabricator

We extensive engineering and fabricating for providing engineering and construction services mainly based
on proprietary technologies. Our company has provide quality engineering and fabricating services for a
various range of projects. The standards we have set are made possible by the technical skills of the highest
order and construction expertise aimed to meet customer satisfaction.

Screen Bucket
Labyrint Seal
Blade Steam Turbine
Pinion Gear
Magnetite Pilot Plate

Products 3 Packager

With highly sophisticated engineering personnel all packages we made can be customable to suit the
customer’s requirements and Able to meet stringent technical specifications and specified
requirements of consultants and contractors.

Packaging Diesel Engine Generator Set
Factory Acceptance Test for Diesel Engine Generator

Products 4 Rotating Equipment Repair

We focus on managing your business while we take responsibility for the operation and system reliability of
your rotating equipment, applying our industry technical expertise, QSHE procedure and management
process. Full product warranty support and after sales service including parts replacement, general service,
repairs and maintenance overhaul programs.

Bearing Rebabbit
Impeller Repair
Single Stage Steam Turbine
Multi Stage Turbine
Shaft Repair
Pump Casing Repair

Products 5 Reverse Engineering and Services

Engineering services include research & development, reverse, computer aided manufacturing, mechanical,
prototype production from metal & plastics. Using reverse engineering 3D model & designs can be created.
Additional services include documentation, installation, integration, project management and technical support.
Applications include Gas and Diesel Engine Generator, Steam and Gas Turbine, Pump and Compressor

Turbine & Condenser Installation
Turbine Installation
Field Service Engineer

Project Experience

  1. Fabricating Blade Rotor Steam Turbine
  2. Fabricating Sleeve Bearing
  3. Fabricating Impeller Close dan Open Type
  4. Fabricating Diffuser dan Bowl
  5. Repair Pump unit
  6. Repair Steam Turbine Unit
  7. Repair Centrifugal Compresor
  8. Repair Runner
  9. Project management Diesel Engine Set for PHEWMO
  10. Supply Barrety & Charger for Pertronas
  11. Supply Battery & Charger for Indoturbine
  12. Supply Current Transformer
  13. Rewiring Control PLC
  14. Fabricating Mesin Incenerator
  15. Fabricating Tungku Blast Furnace
  16. Repair Automizing
  17. Project management Diesel Engine Set for BP Berau
  18. Project management Diesel Engine Set for PGN

About Us

PT HABIC was established in 2013 to pursue promising
business opportunities in the Petroleum, Power Plant,
Petrochemical, Chemical, Gas, Mining, and General Industry.
The team prepares the full range of project management,
engineering, fabricator and services, from initial to final work
design together following customer’s requisition concern.
PT HABIC will always give our best to provide outstanding
quality products, professionally designed and most competitive
price in order to maximize our consumer’s satisfaction.


To be recognized as mosttrusted partner in the
Energy and Industrial
Development Project
throughout Indonesia.


Always provide the best service and product
quality to our dearest customers.

We continuously expanded and supported by qualified manpower consist of
professional engineers, estimators, production engineers and quality control personnel
which having significant experiences to satisfy the specific requirement of our clients.

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Taman Pajajaran Tahap 3 Block C2 2/8
Katulampa – Bogor, 16143, West Java - Indonesia

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